Freight storage options

·         Open customs warehouse.
In cooperation with one of the biggest terminals of freight processing in Lithuania we offer you open customs warehouses. Open customs warehouses enable you to store goods without import taxes and duties, without imposing any economic restrictions.  In the customs warehouse the following procedures are being executed: storage of goods, labeling and sticking special numbered labels, distribution and sorting of cargos, preparation for further transportation.
·         Import-export terminal
Import-export terminal effectively and qualitatively performs loading and unloading, reloading, weighing, measuring, packaging (repackaging), improving of marketable condition, collection of cargos (recollection), expertise and preparation for processing of transportation and sale deals.  
Besides, it should be mentioned that this terminal is in possession of necessary insurance policies, which enable indemnification against the customers’ damage incurred during reloading, storing and repackaging of cargos. The territory of the terminal is fenced and secured 24 hours a day.
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